Vote for Liz for the CT Entrepreneur Awards! | Cross Culture Kombucha
Cross Culture Kombucha is Danbury's first kombucha brewery.
Kombucha, Tea, Connecticut, Danbury, Healthy, Beverage, Gluten Free, Brewed
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Vote for Liz for the CT Entrepreneur Awards!

Cross Culture Kombucha has made a big splash over the past couple years. In 2019, sales grew by over 105% (more than doubling) from 2018 for Cross Culture Kombucha. The CCK team tripled in size. The reach of the brand has grown, with accounts from Yale University in New Haven to DeCicco’s grocery stores in Westchester County, NY. We are so excited to announce that Liz Ceppos has been nominated (for the 2nd time!) for the 2020 CT Entrepreneur Awards.  To vote for Liz, click the link below ! Thanks SO much for the continued support and belief in our #startupstory with LARGER THAN LIFE dreams.


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