Wholesale Ordering | Cross Culture Kombucha
Cross Culture Kombucha is Danbury's first kombucha brewery.
Kombucha, Tea, Healthy, Yoga, Gluten-Free, Organic, Drink, Beverage, Danbury, Ridgefield, Fairfield, CT
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Wholesale Ordering

Place Your Wholesale Order

To All:

Updated June 2018: We are experiencing a large increase in demand and have increased production. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. We can often deliver in less than a week, but it helps if your order is not a rush.

This order form is intended for wholesale accounts ONLY.


Welcome back! Please have past due invoices paid prior to requiring delivery of additional product.  Upon placing your order, kindly allow 24 hours for confirmation/invoice.


Brand new accounts will take  an estimated 4-6 weeks to get started for first delivery due to production capacity and our upcoming facility move.

We are excited to work with you. If this is your first order, please fully complete this form. We will get back to you with your confirmation/invoice. Please note that initial keg orders require a keg deposit which will be refunded upon return of final keg(s)/closing the account. A CT resale certificate is needed if you are reselling the kombucha. Please provide upon opening an account. If certificate cannot be provided, sales tax will be applied to the wholesale order. Upon placing your order, kindly allow 48 hours for confirmation by email.



Please enter the name of your business
Please enter your email
(i.e. delivery instructions, hours, or any pertinent information)




Bottled Kombucha - 16 oz. bottles of kombucha, quantity 12/case. Single flavor cases. 3 case minimum.
Kegs - Kegs hold 5 gallons (considered a 1/6 barrel). Currently using corney kegs.
CO2 Gas Tank - 5 lb. tank for use with kegerator set ups; we will swap tank with full tank.
Growlers (64 oz) - Empty bottles, with logo stickers and double sealed conical caps. 12/case.
32 oz Bottles - Empty bottles, with logo stickers and double sealed conical caps. 12/case.
16 oz Bottles - Empty bottles, with logo stickers and double sealed conical caps. 12/case.

Flavors - Available flavors are listed below. Please note that batches typically take weeks to ferment, and although we brew and ferment in advance, at times there will be a back order for a flavor. These are fresh batches!

Limited Edition Available - As of 6/11, we are temporarily not offering kegs of limited edition flavors to wholesale customers. We will be able to offer again later this summer.



Enter the number of cases requested below.
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Cases Requested
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