CT Bites: Guide To Healthy Eats in CT: 2018 Edition

CT Bites: Guide To Healthy Eats in CT: 2018 Edition

We are only a few short weeks into this brand-spanking new year, and TVs are blaring with eating program ads, magazine covers are screaming about how to “Lose 10 lbs. in a week!” and gyms are overflowing with people running for their lives on treadmills (Run, Forrest, Run!). Naturally, the CTBites answer to the holiday indulgences? EAT! Ok, ok…eat…HEALTHILY! Our fair state is brimming with amazing grocers, restaurants, and speciality stores that can help you get back on track after a season of going full-tilt boogie with the eating and drinking. The best part is that everything is so delicious and interesting. Branch out this year and try some new flavors and foods…goji berries, Matcha, Cauliflower pizza crust (wha!), Jackfruit! Dive in and explore. Here are some venues that will help you do just that. One more note: We fully realize that due to the sheer amount of noteworthy establishments, we are not able to list them all here. Please refer to our past Healthy Eats roundups for more listings and also, please chime in with places that you know and love. The more the merrier!

Cross Culture Kombucha

various locations


Kombucha is a delicious and bubbly fermented tea that has existed for hundreds of years. It is raw, non-alcoholic, and made by fermenting sweet tea with a live kombucha culture. The culture of bacteria and yeast that is critical in brewing kombucha is what transforms sweet tea into a beverage with completely different properties-and not just in taste! After fermenting, the beverage contains loads of healthy organic acids, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes. These works together in an adaptogenic tonic that supports nutrition absorption, digestion, liver function and detoxification, joint health, immunity, pH balance, and overall well-being. Cross Culture Kombucha is made with high-quality ingredients, and kept in raw, live form with no preservatives. They use a single-fermentation process, creating flavors simply with tea blends (Jasmine Green, Earl Grey, Original Green and our Limited Edition Tea), and never add juices or additional sugars, which is why they proudly list their ingredients on the label in bold large type. They are Danbury's first kombucha brewery and happily purchase ingredients from local suppliers. Cross Culture is now sold at 27 retailers, so check their website for locations. Experience tea differently. You’ll also enjoy saying the word…Kombuuuuucha.

See the entire guide (so many fantastic local businesses!) at ctbites.com here.

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