Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale Accounts

Use our website to place an order.  If you are having issues getting access to the wholesale catalog or placing the order, please feel free to place an order by emailing us at or by calling or texting Liz, Ian or Steph personally. You may also call or text our brewery team at 203-794-4773.

You can expect delivery by Friday if you place your order by noon on Monday.  If our team has not informed you of a delivery day & estimated time frame by Tuesday morning, please reach out to or text our brewery team at 203-794-4773. As we self-distribute to many customers, it is often challenging to deliver orders that we receive later than Monday. We will communicate with you if your order is received too late in the week to be able to deliver by Friday. Pick up is always an alternative option.

CCK makes a variety of flavors on a rotating (and often a seasonal) basis. We list in our wholesale catalog the flavors which are available. The flavor may not be listed because it is reserved for orders previously received, because we have sold out, or because we are not making the flavor at the current time.

We aren’t a mass producer equipped to pump out and package out a wide variety of flavors in all sizes. We are a small, growing business operating in a way that our current space and equipment allows. We LOVE making a variety of flavors, but we are unable to bottle for resale all our seasonal & limited edition flavors. We continuously offer a variety of rotating flavors, including limited editions, to our wholesale keg accounts. Some flavors, due to the limited amount we are able to make, or the higher cost of producing, are flavors we consider exclusive to our taproom business and direct retail customers and we will not offer these for reselling or at wholesale prices.

Typically, you will have issues dispensing kombucha for these reasons: 

- CO2 tank is empty

- CO2 tank valve is shut

- CO2 gas tank regulator is set at too low of a PSI

- Keg is empty

- Keg coupler is not on properly fitted on the keg

- The kegerator temp is set too low and the lines froze

A CO2 tank will have enough gas to dispense 15-20 kegs worth of kombucha, if you are going through tanks at a much faster rate, then you may have a leak somewhere in the system or you may have accidentally caused a leak during connecting and disconnecting keg couplers. CCK has training materials and can personally help train your staff upon request.  If you need assistance with kegerator operation or any particular dispensing concern, please email us at

CCK offers a CO2 tank exchange for $20. We take your empty CO2 tank and provide you with a full CO2 tank. We do not currently require CO2 tank security deposits, as we do with kegs, and we do not keep a large supply of tanks to be able to supply spares to our keg accounts.   If you would like a spare CO2 tank, you can purchase one and we can do a swap for you anytime it is needed. If you need assistance sourcing the equipment, please email us at

CCK stickers it’s bottled kombucha with BEST BY dates that are 4 months out. The product will not go bad or spoil after the best by date. It will stay tasty and bubbly if kept refrigerated. 

Kegs have keg collars which note a BEST BY date, also. Partially used kegs, if kept cold and under pressure, will continue to keep fresh and delicious. If you are concerned about expirations and kombucha quality, please email us at or text our brewery team at 203-794-4773.

No, CCK is a live and raw kombucha and it will change if it gets too warm.

We do not use plastic, single-use kegs. Our stainless steel kegs are meant to be used and returned to us. When we sell a 5 gallon keg, we are selling you the liquid inside, and not the keg itself. We take a keg deposit and track the kegs we both deliver and pick up again once empty. We keep the keg deposit charge amount as low as we possibly can. Kegs are a major investment for our business and it costs us much more than the deposit amount to replace one that is not returned to us, which unfortunately does happen. We charge keg deposits for each keg we deliver to you, at the time of the delivery. We credit keg deposits for each empty that you return to us, at the time we receive the keg back. This process keeps us both accountable and is industry-standard.

Cross Culture Kombucha is a family owned and operated business, and not mass producer. There are a handful of big brands that are now ubiquitous on the supermarket shelves, and their pricing may be lower than ours. We brew our kombucha at our own facility, and we do not use a co-manufacturer for any part of our process. Our batches are very small by industrial beverage production standards, our packaging and ingredients are high quality, and we pay fair wages to our team. We also purchase our ingredients and most of our packaging from local companies. For seasonal and limited edition flavors, we prioritize purchasing from local farms. We have found that our excited consumers care about quality, taste, and about supporting growing local businesses, not only through repeat purchasing, but through referrals and promotion they take it upon themselves to do so! CCK makes a great addition to a curated collection of great quality beverages and food.