CT Guide To 40+ Immunity Boosting Products: Markets, Apothecaries, Herbs, Broth, Juice, Teas and More

CT Guide To 40+ Immunity Boosting Products: Markets, Apothecaries, Herbs, Broth, Juice, Teas and More

April Guilbault 

There is so much talk and discussion these days about immunity, staying healthy, and protecting yourself. When you ask fifty people about what they do to stay healthy you will probably get fifty different answers. Since every human is unique, something that works for one might not work for another! However, we all know that famous quote from Hippocrates about food being thy medicine, right? There are so many foods, plants, teas, and drinks that can potentially pack a real punch for strengthening our systems. There is a wide, intriguing world of healthy options out there, it’s just finding what works for you. May some of the ideas on this list help keep you healthy and safe in the months to come.

Our guide includes over 40 local CT markets, juice bars, apothecaries, and products to help boost your immune system for 2020.

Please note-while many folks may heartily believe in the wellness properties of the items listed below, some of these may not be verified by the FDA. This list is not intended to take the place of medical advice and you should consult with your own doctor before beginning any regimen or product.


Cross Culture Kombucha, Danbury


Protecting our immune system is essential to staying healthy. Top tips for caring for our immune system include regularly exercising, reducing stress, eating varied nutritious foods, and reducing alcohol. What role does kombucha play? Kombucha is essentially tea which has been fermented with a culture. With the help of the fermentation process, the polyphenols and antioxidants in the tea become easier for the body to absorb, and organic acids, vitamins, and enzymes are produced. Kombucha is low in sugar and packed with beneficial bacteria. Research has suggested that the ‘friendly bacteria’ in fermented foods, including kombucha, can help to promote good gut health and fight against the bad bacteria that can make us unwell. Cutting back on alcohol can be tricky, but with a variety of flavors and styles of CCK, it’s easy to find a satisfying alternative. For beer lovers, both Hopped Peach and Hip Hops are phenomenal stand-ins for a craft beer. For rose wine lovers, Hibiscus Elderberry satisfies with a tart, bright and lightly fruity and floral, complex flavor. A Mojito, Jalapeno Watermelon, or Grapefruit Refresher in a stunning glass can eliminate the desire for a craft cocktail. For those who love a touch of sweetness, Cherry Vanilla, Jasmine, and Blueberry Ginger are favorites. Find CCK at the Westport Farmers Market, at over 100 businesses throughout CT, or directly at crossculturekombucha.com for curbside pickup in Danbury, or home delivery to most of Fairfield County. 

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