Danbury couple hits market with craft-brewed kombucha

Danbury couple hits market with craft-brewed kombucha

By: Chris Bosak

DANBURY — The Hat City is a major player in the growing popularity of kombucha on the East Coast, and a local couple is in the thick of it.

Ian and Liz Ceppos launched Cross Culture Kombucha earlier this year and the company is making inroads throughout the state. They brew the nonalcoholic fermented tea at a commercial kitchen in Danbury and the product is available at 13 locations, including two in downtown Danbury. Their small-batch, craft-brewed beverage is a big hit at the Fairfield Farmers Market, where customers refill growlers each week.

 “We find ourselves explaining what it is a lot,” Liz Ceppos said. “Health-minded people know about it.”

Ian Ceppos added: “Its growth is in its infancy (in the East), but it’s growing rapidly. It’s nonalcoholic and there are numerous health benefits, the biggest being probiotics for gut health.”

 Cross Culture Kombucha is made with natural ingredients and no additives for coloring or flavor, which is common among commercially produced options. Cross Culture comes in four flavors, and is available in bottles and draft.
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