How to Celebrate Valentine’s day at Cross Culture Kombucha Taproom

How to Celebrate Valentine’s day at Cross Culture Kombucha Taproom

A message for the romantically nervous:

Valentine’s Day is coming up! It’s Feb. 14, and we know it makes some of you edgy (hello Guys), but we have a solution that is both romantic and practical: Give your Valentine a smooch and a booch at the Cross Culture Kombucha taproom at 52 Division St. in Danbury.

We are planning an exclusive Valentine’s Day flavor — Strawberry Cacao — designed to impress on date night. This flavor is exclusive to our taproom, so your special someone is receiving something that is truly unique, as it cannot be picked up anywhere else.  Let your sweetheart know that kombucha is an alternative to the usual alcoholic beverages, which often create a Valentine evening haze. You don’t want that, because you enjoy conversation and you intend to be entertaining, not sloppy, on this night.

You might also mention that kombucha is not only romantic, but healthy. It starts as a tea base, ferments with a live culture, and ends in a sparkling, slightly sweet and tangy drink. Kombucha is loaded with mood-boosting B vitamins, as well as beneficial bacteria that the gut loves, which is good information for the health-conscious.

Kombucha comes in many flavors, though some combinations are especially appropriate for certain holidays. That’s why we concocted Strawberry Cacao for Cross Culture’s signature Valentine’s Day drink.

Strawberry red signifies passion and desire and cacao contains serotonin, a mood enhancer. That sounds like the perfect Valentines Day combination! Smooch and booch at Cross Culture Kombucha Taproom on Feb. 14th!



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