State’s First Kombucha Taproom Opens in Danbury

State’s First Kombucha Taproom Opens in Danbury

by Connecticut Mag

September 17, 2018

A few years into his sobriety, Ian Ceppos found himself craving a drink. Not the alcoholic drinks he had once enjoyed, but something non-intoxicating he could drink in a social setting with friends or over dinner.

Unimpressed by the sugary sodas and juices available, and not wanting to live the rest of his life on water alone, Ceppos, a commercial real estate broker, began to explore the ancient art of making kombucha, a fermented tea with a refreshing, tart flavor that can be reminiscent of a beer or other alcoholic beverage. His wife, Liz, who had a background in business, soon joined him in the quest. They quickly got good at making the beverage, like best-kombucha-I’ve-ever-had good at it.

In the spring of 2017, they launched Cross Culture Kombucha and began offering the drink on tap in Danbury at Mothership Bakery & Cafe and Pour Me. They produce a sought-after line of kombucha. Flavors range from hopped kombucha to mojito, and they are available at more than 50 restaurant and stores, mostly in Fairfield County, and at the Fairfield and Westport farmers markets.

Cross Culture will open the first kombucha taproom in the state on Thursday, Sept. 20, at 5 p.m. The building housing the Cross Culture brewery and taproom is at 52 Division St. in downtown Danbury. Slated to be open three days a week at first, the taproom is small with a polished wooden bar and modern brewery aesthetic. Located at the front of the kombucha brewery, it will be a place visitors can try a variety of the beverages and fill growlers while hanging out in an alcohol-free environment.

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