Ghia | Le Spritz - Ghia Soda

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 Ghia's signature bitter aperitivo, but spritzed. This one is a simple Ghia-Soda-Sprig-of Rosemary-Twist-of-Yuzu. A more portable option for any fan of Ghia!

Because a real drink is made of real ingredients, the spritz is powerful enough to bring out the best version of you. Crack it open, turn on the music, taste the bite, enjoy the night.

  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Caffeine
  • Vegan
  • No Preservatives

0.0 ABV %, 236 ml

How to enjoy:

Spritzes are ready-to-sip and best enjoyed chilled straight from the can, or on ice. Drizzle Ghianduja on anything you're craving or by the spoonful.

Tasting notes:

Nourishing nervines, fragrant florals, bright citrus, each glass of Ghia tastes good and feels even better.