Leitz Eins Zwei Zero | Blanc de Blancs

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This de-alcoholized white blend, offers an original character that is clean and fresh with notes of lime and citrus; subtle hints of gooseberry and carambola are easy to detect. The intensity of the acidity is not as pronounced compared with the de-alc Riesling. The blend is made of very aromatic white varietals and they show with a dry finish and relatively long aftertaste. Fermented like a regular wine then gently vacuum distilled to remove most of the alcohol. A very nice and refreshing, mild white wine variation. The Leitz still Blanc de Blancs is reminiscent of "real wines" with its delicate tropical nuances and citrus fruits. While in the nose one may find juicy herbs, honey and gooseberries. It goes well with mild summer evenings and relaxed afternoons in the garden; or simply said "for every occasion".
Ingredients: De-alcoholized wine, rectified concentrated grape must, carbon dioxide. Contains sulfites
Made in Germany. 0.3% ABV