Leitz Eins Zwei Zero | Sparkling Rosé

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Leitz's single serve 250ml/8.5oz can version of their Sparkling Rosé which is a refreshing sparkler that exudes cool, red fruits and lean minerality. With its invigorating perlage it instantly brings upon that summer feeling. In addition to the notes of rose hips and sky berries, often present in rosé, this rosé variation conveys a remarkable freshness giving it incredible versatility - a pleasant aperitif, as a spritz mixer, or simply as a constant companion to enjoy relaxing evenings or for celebratory occasions. Weinguit Leitz is a de-alcoholized sparkling Rosé from the town of Rüdesheim. Pinot Noir grapes are macerated for six hours and pressed to extract as much of the grape's flavors.
Ingredients: De-alcoholized wine, rectified concentrated grape must, carbon dioxide. Contains sulfites


Made in Germany. 0.3% ABV