WOW | Cucumber Lime Basil

WOW | Cucumber Lime Basil

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Crafted with delicious layering of cucumber, tart lime, and aromatic basil, WOW Sparkling Cucumber Lime Basil Spiritfree Cocktail will leave you feeling cool and refreshed. Infused with green tea and lightly sweetened with agave, this drink is a sophisticated and guilt-free indulgence.

WOW cocktails are handcrafted with character, layers of flavor and only natural ingredients so you can find something here that reflects your WoW factor. With a spicy ginger note - for the feisty and purposeful, refreshing and cool - for those who want to spend time relaxing, or a tart bite with a hint of floral when you're feeling sweet and sassy.  

WoW is an inclusive craft cocktail-inspired spiritfree beverage brand for those who think and drink for themselves.